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Meet Marco

I decided to volunteer for ADF at Widener Memorial School because the opportunity to combine working with children with disabilities and my passion for music was ideal for me. I felt I could learn something new that could benefit me upon graduation, and more importantly, have fun in the process.

Currently I work in a mental health facility. Many of the clients have both developmental and intellectual disabilities. Using music is an important piece to introduce during group therapy sessions. I have incorporated some of the warm-up exercises and dance techniques I learned with ADF to strengthen our therapy sessions and expand clients’ leisure interests. Professionally, ADF has helped me in numerous ways and has enhanced my relationships with clients who are both verbal and non-verbal.

ADF’s program compliments many areas that could benefit students from all majors. There are many techniques that could be incorporated into various fields, from team building to communication and leadership skills. Whether the students are prospective teachers, therapists, or undecided, ADF’s program is a positive influence and confidence builder.

I would recommend other students to volunteer for ADF. You do not have to be an amazing dancer to let loose and enjoy yourself. You will meet some great people, learn new techniques that can be applied on the dance floor and in the real world, and most of all, have fun!


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