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Our Podcast is Live!
Episode #1: Why We Dance

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Let's Build An Inclusive World

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"I really enjoy the challenge of doing something that has only ever been offered to the standing population. ADF has provided me with a way to experience real ballroom dancing."

- Diane Murphy, ADF Instructor & Performer

"Step, Step, Roll, Roll"

We stand at the forefront of adaptive partner dancing, pioneering transformative initiatives that redefine accessibility and acceptance. As trailblazers in the field of inclusive dance, we take pride in being the first in various aspects, breaking barriers and fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of ability, can experience the joy of dance.


Home to the first (and only) copyrighted and validated American Style Wheelchair Ballroom and Latin Dance Syllabus in the world


First accredited adaptive Ballroom and Latin dance course in the USA given at the University of Delaware


Collaborated with the Palo Alto Veterans Administration in the first scientific study on the effects of adaptive Ballroom and Latin Dance for persons with spinal cord injuries (and the results were significant!)


Introduced Canada to adaptive ballroom dance for the first time at La Classique du Quebec

Vibrant young girl in dazzling orange Latin dance attire poses gracefully next to a stylish man in black, seated confidently in a wheelchair with hands on wheels.


ADF's Artistic Director choreographed the first award-winning movie about adaptive ballroom dance, Musical Chairs


Home to the champions of the very first adaptive dance competition in the United States using our newly created American style syllabus


Launched the first weekly adaptive dance classes for middle and high school students in the USA at a public school in Philadelphia (which continue for 15+ years!)


Home to the first couple to represent the USA in a World Paralympic Dancesport Championship

Join Us

Make a Difference Today: Step and Roll to a Brighter Future!

A lively ensemble of dancers gathers in a sunlit rehearsal studio, their joy radiating as they strike a pose for a group photo. Some stand, and others  sit in their sporty wheelchairs, but all share warm smiles, embodying camaraderie and passion for their craft in a vibrant, inclusive space.
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