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Speaking Engagements for Schools and Corporations, Teacher Certification, & Classes

Rik Daniels, a dynamic dancer and acrobat who navigates the stage with grace in his wheelchair, holds tightly to ADF's artistic director, Aubree Marchione. Aubree captivates the room as she spins her body on the floor, eliciting awe from a crowd of middle school students. Some stare in wonder, mouths agape, while others erupt into screams and applause, their reactions a testament to the power of inclusive artistry and the boundless potential of the human spirit.

Assemblies For  Schools

School and universities have been enriching their students' educational journey with American DanceWheels Foundation for many years. Our innovative programs combine the artistry of ballroom and Latin dance with meaningful discussions, fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the school community. Through dance, students gain exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences, preparing them for success in an interconnected world. Our inclusive approach promotes empathy, creativity, and collaboration, empowering students to become compassionate leaders and global citizens. Contact us today to bring the transformative power of dance to your school and inspire positive change in the lives of your students. Let's dance towards a future where every student feels valued and empowered to succeed.

Corporate Speaking Engagements

Diversity and inclusion are two key components in every successful business. American DanceWheels Foundation’s Disability Advocacy Program is a chance for businesses to give their employees a fun and interactive experience that addresses the challenges and benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce. 


Our program includes a discussion about the inequities and outdated perceptions facing people with differences, an adaptive ballroom and Latin dance performance,  and a question-and-answer section tailored for your staff. Participants will also be treated to a mini dance lesson, highlighting the importance of working as one. ADF’s goal is to help create communities that are valued, supported, and protected. We hope you will join us and give your employees this unique opportunity. 

Derrick Williamson, ADF's esteemed board president, a charismatic man in his 30s with blonde hair, commands attention as he addresses a room full of businessmen at the US Consulate Toronto. Seated confidently in his wheelchair, he exudes professionalism in a stylish ensemble of a paisley shirt, suspenders, and black pants. His poised demeanor and articulate speech reflect his leadership within ADF, embodying the organization's commitment to inclusivity and advocacy within diverse spheres.
A radiant woman seated in a wheelchair beams with joy as her standing partner twirls her around the dance floor. Their movements are graceful and synchronized, embodying the essence of partnership and inclusion in dance.

In-Person & Virtual Classes

For over 20 years, American DanceWheels has been dedicated to bringing the joy of ballroom and Latin dance to individuals of all abilities and backgrounds. From veterans seeking camaraderie and rehabilitation to wedding couples adding flair to their special day, our classes have touched the lives of countless individuals. We've brought the magic of dance to residential communities, university and school campuses, summer camps, and even hospitals, spreading positivity and fostering connections wherever we go. Whether you're looking to experience the thrill of dance virtually or in person, we are here to guide you every step of the way! Contact us today to join our vibrant community and discover the transformative power of dance.

Teacher Certification

American DanceWheels offers an exciting opportunity for dance teachers to expand their repertoire with our innovative WheelOne™ Syllabus. With this program, instructors can tap into a whole new market and add a refreshing twist to their classes. Adaptive dance, a novel skill in many studios, not only enriches the social fabric of dance communities but also provides a platform for engaging with diverse groups like schools, veterans, seniors, and hospitals. It's a fantastic way to foster inclusivity and reach individuals who might not have considered the joy and therapeutic benefits of dance before.

But our reach doesn't stop there! We also offer certification to therapists, enabling them to incorporate adaptive dance into their practice. Learning WheelOne™ not only equips therapists with a unique skill set but also offers their clients a fun alternative therapy. By integrating adaptive dance into their sessions, therapists can enhance their clients' well-being while creating meaningful connections through movement.

Young professional dancers, a man in his wheelchair and a woman standing, both in their 20s and clad in matching black and red dance warm-up suits, showcase their talent and dedication during ADF's certification lessons at the studio.
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