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Disability Advocacy Initiative

“One of the most fantastic talks and performances. Great way to understand the history of conceptualizing disability.”

“Excellent and inspiring presentation and important message regarding fight for equality, not only in terms of race, but ability/disability.”

“An absolutely unforgettable presentation. Eloquently spoken. Magnificently performed. Thank you for making this experience possible!”

The ADF Disability Advocacy Initiative extends the foundation’s goals beyond providing an opportunity for people of all ability to participate in the art of wheelchair ballroom dance. This art form has the potential to change perception about disability, making an essential contribution to disability advocacy.

Recognizing the opportunity to use wheelchair ballroom dance as an educational tool for making our communities more inclusive and understanding of the disability experience, ADF has formally launched its Disability Advocacy Initiative. This initiative brings lectures infused with wheelchair ballroom dance demonstrations to universities, schools, and hospitals. ADF’s initiative to use wheelchair ballroom dance for disability education has been widely received by the medical community, as recognized by a publication in the Journal of the American Medical Association and in presentations at major hospitals such as “Wheelchair Ballroom: Advocating with Art” at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

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