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DanceWheels SchoolHouse™ Program

"ADF taught me how important it is to be disciplined, dedicated, consistent, and passionate." - Leah, Widener Graduate

Each year, American DanceWheels provides inclusive dance programs to schools across the country with the help of grants from our supporters.

DanceWheels SchoolHouse™ is one of our most successful in-school programs. The program specifically targets adolescents with physical challenges in areas of the country where schools have difficulty accessing and affording artistic, inclusive, mainstream recreational programming for students with and without disabilities. Schools are given the opportunity to have a class for combi couples (one standing and one seated partner) if their school has a large number of students who use wheelchairs for mobility, or choose to have a more diverse population including combi couples and traditional standing couples.

DanceWheels SchoolHouse™ originated from our first in-school program in 2006, a collaboration between Widener Memorial School and Temple University in Philadelphia. Even today, all of the students in the program, seated and standing, are dramatically changed by the ADF dance experience. Professors at Temple University endorse the program for their therapy students because of the depth of understanding gained by their students as a direct result of interacting and dancing with the students at Widener.

Just like all of the people who have used dance to lift their spirits and open their hearts, so do our students who dance sitting down.

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