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Program for Veterans

"I feel more confident about getting back into the community. I was able to be around people without disabilities without fear. This should be part of rehabilitation."

Anonymous Veteran

"To say ADF's program is life changing would be an understatement. After 4 lessons, my husband, myself, and another couple attended an actual ballroom dance and danced all night. We were received with so much support and encouragement. It was truly magical. The fact that we can actually go out for a night of dancing is something I never thought could happen."

Anne Marie Gallagher, Wife of a Veteran

"Ultimately, the goal of the rehabilitation process should not be discharging from the hospital. The ultimate goal is returning to the community. That involves forming relationships and partners, marriage, having a family, being able to work again and pursue jobs. It also involves discovering life pursuits and quality of life. In this particular area, it involves a sport and learning how to dance and that restores peoples' body image, sense of well-being, purpose, and can be an exciting endeavor."

Dr. Doug Ota, Chief of SCI Service, Palo Alto VA

"I have become more confident and found a way to enjoy life again. Improved self-esteem, and I am much happier. I am also more understanding about my spouse engaging in leisure activities with the opposite sex."

Anonymous Veteran

Supporting Our Veterans

By organizing special events and workshops, conducting on-going classes, and participating in a research study, American DanceWheels has been involved in bringing wheelchair ballroom dance to veterans across the country for many years. We have had programs at Walter Reed Medical Center, Coatesville Veterans Hospital, the Veterans Hospital of Philadelphia, the Palo Alto Veterans Hospital, the Colorado National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic, and more. Our program targets veterans who use power or manual wheelchairs part or full time and standing partners. It is designed to give wounded veterans a chance to use partner dancing as a fun activity that will foster more social interaction, less isolation, more physical activity, more focus and a way to alleviate PTSD.

A study conducted by the Palo Alto Veterans Hospital concluded that American DanceWheels Wheel One™ Program has significant physical and psychological benefits on participants over a 6 week period. Click on the picture below to view full study report.

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